National Criminal Check

This searches a national criminal records database of millions of criminal records gathered across all 50 states from local, state and federal government sources including administrative offices of the courts, departments of public safety and state corrections departments to name a few. While data from some sources such as North Carolina is updated on a daily basis, most sources are updated monthly or quarterly. As with all background screening companies, the data is current to the level of the contributor. This search can help reveal offenses in jurisdictions purposely excluded from an application by a candidate.  S2Verify is one of the few companies that owns their own database.  Most employee background check companies buy these services from another background company, limiting their ability to be competitive.    Turn-around Time -Instant

Sex Offender Search

There are national and state-level Sex Offender Registries that are compiled by the states. Although sex offenders are required to register when they move to a new state, they sometimes don't, which is why we recommend checking our national sex offender registry where available.  Turn-around Time-Instant

 County Criminal Check

County criminal background checks are performed directly at the county court house and are the most accurate check available. There are over 3,100 county court houses in the United States. We order county searches based on your employee, volunteer or contractor background check package and defined criteria. Approximately 70% of search's can be conducted online directly into the court system.  These are the same tools a researcher would  use if they went to the court house.  If there is no access, then one of our researches will actually go to the court house and check the file to see if your applicant or volunteer has a criminal conviction. Most court houses go back a minimum of 7 years where Federal and State laws allow. Turn-around Time (Average <20 hours)

Past Address History

Using a name and social security number, a background address history search retrieves information from the credit bureaus and reveals where a subject has lived in the past 3 to 10 years.  This search also verifies the social security number location issued and  date issued.   The most effective way of using this tool is to take all the addresses displayed and find out their associated states and counties.  Once you have this information, you can begin to run some of the most basic but powerful searches for conducting employee background checks on criminal records; the county and statewide criminal searches.    Turn-around Time-Instant

Youth Sports Basic Package

The Youth Sports Basic Package consists of a Past Address History, National Criminal Check and Sex Offender Registry Check.  The system will pull all aliases names from the credit header file and run the names threw both the National Criminal File and the Sex Offender Registry files.

Youth Sports Premium Package

The Youth Sports Premium Package consists of a Past Address History, National Criminal Check, Sex Offender Registry Check and a County Criminal Check.