Frequently Asked Questions


Q.) How many records are in the National Criminal Check? 


A.)   Our database has over 500 million records including all 50 state sex offender registries.  The database contains Department of Corrections, Administrative Office of the Courts, Department of Public Safety and certain county records.

 Q.) To save money, should we only do Sex Offender Searches?


A.)   Many sex offenses are pled down to avoid a lengthy trial.  Therefore, by just searching the Sex Offender Registry, you would miss records that actually contain a charge against a child.  In addition, the Sex Offender registry does not contain violent felons or other crimes to children like distributing drugs.


Q.) Should I run a county search in addition to the National Criminal Check?


A.)   We always suggest running a County Search in addition to the National Criminal Check.  However, most Volunteer organizations cannot afford the additional cost.  The best blend for these organizations is to run a County Search where data sources are limited or unavailable.


Q.) What is the cost to sign up, the cost of the search and are there any monthly charges?


A.)   There is no cost to sign up and no monthly charges.  The only cost is the cost per search which is in the low single digits depending on volume etc… Our searches are subsidized by our partnership and therefore offered at very low cost to the community.


Q. How do I sign up?


A.)     Click on the “Sign Up” option on any page of the website.  Fill out the application and after   a brief credentialing process, you are up and running.


Q. Why should I choose your company over all the other providers in the market?


A.)    Our management team was responsible for implementing some of the first and largest volunteer screening programs in the US.   We have the experience to help you build a new program or create a better solution.