“The software is easy to use and the customer service is excellent.  How many vendors would follow up on a Saturday.  The personal touch is very important to us...”
Jane Dunn 

".Everyone I have dealt with has handled any questions or issues with the utmost urgency.  Sometimes, I think I am the only client they have...their responses are that quick!  The treatment we receive indicates to us that they believe the importance of our background checks and the importance of the information being returned promptly and accurately..

Gail Teel

.”Your can't improve perfect...”

L Marlin 


Barry Switzer has teamed with S2Verify to keep our Youth Safe by offering Background Screening for Coaches and Volunteers.

Barry Switzer, legendary former head coach of the University of Oklahoma college football team and the Dallas Cowboys—the only coach to ever to win three national college football championships and a Super Bowl—has joined forces with S2Verify, LLC, one of the fastest growing companies in the employment screening market, to launch a background screening website solely dedicated to youth sports organizations.



" Having been around sports for my entire life, I wanted to give back to the community and create a product that is not only cost effective, but comprehensive in protecting our children and grandchildren.  The world is much different that when I was young and we have to be vigilent in ensuring the people that coach and interact with our kids are trustworthy."  

                                                                           ....Barry Switzer